Wts 19m sp Paladin/ Nidhoggur Alt

19.1m SP
Focused into Paladin
Injected 4m sp a few days ago to fly a Nidhoggur
Comes with free asklep set.

Flies a beautiful Paladin.
Positive Sec and Wallet,
Level 5 Gallente Mission Standings
In noob corp as of 5 mins ago, I’ll pay transfer, all ccp rules apply


Make me an offer. Lowballs not replied to.

Daily bump

No thanks. I could literally strip the sp myself and make more than that on injectors lol


Ty current bid, will leave it up a little longer I’m hoping to get a little more.


are you ok?



im out :slight_smile:
Thats literally skill injectors price.

Accepted send isk and account info to Amelina Yaa

It literally isnt considering to fully inject a Toon to 19m sp costs about 24b.

15b accepted please send isk and account info and post here when done so I can begin transfer

OK,At 9 p.m.

Is me?

Yes, let me know when done and I will transfer asap

Isk and mail to send, please start transfer

are you OK?

Has it started

Was asleep mate. Will be home from work in 9 hours and I will start the transfer.