Wts 101.9 mil sp pvp toon

Im putting my self up for sale
Is in NPC corp
has a possitive wallet
no kill right for or against
located in jita.
some nice implants.
no jumpclones
all CCP rules apply
i will be the one who recive the isk. and ill pay the transfer fee.
best buyout over 85bil

Anne Hansen

confirming im for sale

How much?

70 b ready

thanks but no thanks

73 bil

85 + nothing Else. Ill just keep it not in a hurry

ill 75B

Very nice offer thank you. Ill keep it in mind

If 75B gives me, I can transfer it to you right now

Deal please follow CCP rules

I’ll go 77b

Have not recived info from wulovechen yet

I’ll go 77 bil. Deal?

Im now

Well i did say deal to wulovechen. So thats what counts

Please send ISK to this toon and evemail the account name you whant the toon to be moved to.

Hold me for ten minutes and I’ll transfer my funds to a number

seams a bit strange. no isk yet

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I have transferred 75B to your account, please check it

isk recived beginning transfer now