[WTS] PVP toon 43mil sp

I am for sale

43mil sp pvp toon
Positive wallet
Char loc in high sec
Large blaster spec 5
Logi 5

Wicked blaster mega pilot


start it at 20bill :slight_smile:



Thanks guys im looking for something a bit higher

@Chance_Taker 26bil and im urs

23 bill

@Gina_Tonic 26 :grin: and we start the process

Sorry 23 is my max. Can send it immediately.

@Gina_Tonic sorry dude 24 is the lowest i will let her go for

Np. Btw your char shows to be in a corp. Maybe it hasnt updated yet.

Very strange guess not would u be willing to meet in the middle?

23.5 bill. Confirm and i send the isk.

I accept ur offer send isk and mail me details

isk and info sent

are you processing it or do i have to open a ticket?

Transfer is done

Email received thx

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i would offered more

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