SOLD - WTS 143M PVP/PVE toon

(Beautiful Frelcia) #1

Selling PVP/PVE character with over average standings to Caldari and Ammar empire.

Price: 100B
Buyout 140B

I reserve the right to cancel auction at any time.

Character is in NPC corp ready to transfer.


Total Skillpoints: 142,662,500
Total Number of Skills: 332

Skills at Level 0: 13
Skills at Level 1: 6
Skills at Level 2: 7
Skills at Level 3: 30
Skills at Level 4: 121
Skills at Level 5: 155

(Absolute Truth) #2

103b offered

(Beautiful Frelcia) #3

115 and is yours…

(Absolute Truth) #4

I can’t go any higher than 103, im sorry.

(Beautiful Frelcia) #5

If your offer is still on the table I will gladly accept it. Let me know if still interested please.

(Absolute Truth) #6

Great! Isk sent and account information sent via in-game mail. Thank you!

(Beautiful Frelcia) #7


Character transferred.

Have toons of fun mate.

(system) #8

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