WTS-119mil SP PvP Character

(Natasha Bloodrage) #1

Hi, Im selling myself.

Positive wallet.
Positive sec status.
No killrights.

Remap available now +4 bonus remaps.
4 jumpclones, one with +5 implants located in jita.

http://eveboard.com/pilot/Natasha_Bloodrage password:1234

Starting bid: 90bil

(Natasha Bloodrage) #2

Bumpity bump

(clearnow) #3


(Maizie Fields) #4

91.0 b

(Natasha Bloodrage) #5

bump prolly will run this until friday then the highest bid gets me.

(The Judge) #6


(Natasha Bloodrage) #7

bumpity 2 days left

(RandomNotes) #8


(Natasha Bloodrage) #9

BUMP 1 day left top bid 93 bil by RandomNotes

(RandomNotes) #10

do you have a buyout price i’d like to buy it out fast :slight_smile:

(Natasha Bloodrage) #11

got a bit shitfaced so cant complete the sale now will be back and sober in like 18 hours and top bid takes me sry for delay

(RandomNotes) #12

so my bid?

(Natasha Bloodrage) #13

yes you won send isk ,account name will be back in like 4-5 hours and will start trasnfer

(RandomNotes) #14

isk and account info sent

(Natasha Bloodrage) #15

transfer started gl keep me safe :slight_smile: