WTS-119mil SP PvP Character

Hi, Im selling myself.

Positive wallet.
Positive sec status.
No killrights.

Remap available now +4 bonus remaps.
4 jumpclones, one with +5 implants located in jita.

http://eveboard.com/pilot/Natasha_Bloodrage password:1234

Starting bid: 90bil

Bumpity bump


91.0 b

bump prolly will run this until friday then the highest bid gets me.


bumpity 2 days left


BUMP 1 day left top bid 93 bil by RandomNotes

do you have a buyout price i’d like to buy it out fast :slight_smile:

got a bit shitfaced so cant complete the sale now will be back and sober in like 18 hours and top bid takes me sry for delay

so my bid?

yes you won send isk ,account name will be back in like 4-5 hours and will start trasnfer

isk and account info sent

transfer started gl keep me safe :slight_smile: