I’m for sale, for 20b.

I have 24.904.389 SP + 141.187 SP unallocated
Positive Wallet
No Kill Rights
In Jita 4:4

L.E: Anything below 17b will not be considered.


13.5 bill


14.5 bill

Up :point_up:


Up :rocket:

16b if ya wait and hold it for me till i come from my work in like 8hrs ill be at my home :+1::grin::grin::yellow_heart:


Hi there! I won’t sell for 16b. If you can come up with 17b, it’s yours.

Will you pay the transfer??
Can you wait for me to get home buy the plex and contact you

Sure, i’ll pay for the transfer.

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yooo im back so
noo negative wallet
everything working fine?

what I do I send you msg or chat with my account name and then send the funds the your charcter??

I have done this before I know its 100% legit because CCP keep log on everything happens here

Hey man.
123 isk in account, 87 activated skins , all good.

Please send the 17 billions to …, and an email with the account name i have to make the transfer to.

The rules say i have to send the monney to the charcter im buying and you mean in game mail ???:stuck_out_tongue:

ok, then do that :grinning:

Srrry man im just trying to do it just as ccp ask us to heheh so they cant complain

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Monney has been transfer 17b cash also send mail with my account name

Could you please reply me tellme if you started the charter transfer please ?:slight_smile: