(Solutio Minor) #1


I want to sell myself
PW: 1234

1. Wallet balance.
Positive Wallet but less than 1 mill Isk

2. Kill rights
No Kill right

3. Jump clones
No Jump clone, But 2 remap available and at the moment of the post 4 days if prototype Cerebral Accelerator

4. Character location.
In Jita

6 Billions for me

(Solutio Minor) #2

Today’s Bump

(Solutio Minor) #3

Bump 6b now

(Garsk Arran) #4

5b offer

(Maddicus theGreat) #5

I’ll offer your 6B buyout

(Solutio Minor) #6

Offer of Maddicus theGreat Accepted, Waiting for the ISK and account name (Private message)

I can start the transfert during my lunch break in about 4 hours or after work in about 8 hours :slight_smile:

(Maddicus theGreat) #7

ISK and acct info sent in-game to Solutio Minor

(Solutio Minor) #8


Isk Received and Acct Name

Starting the transfert Now.

Remember for security reason, there is a delay of 10 hours Created by CCP

(Solutio Minor) #9


I’ve made a mistake. The Character is 12 days old.
I cannot transfert it before 14 days.

I’ve send you back the 6B in game.

I will contact you back when the character will be 14 days old, if you are still interrested

Sorry for any trouble. I will contact you back in 2 days

(Maddicus theGreat) #10

refund confirmed.
Agreed, please hold char until it can be transferred, so that deal can take place. Send me in-game email when things are ready, as I don’t check the forums often.

thanks o7

(Maddicus theGreat) #11

when will you be ready to transfer this toon?

(Solutio Minor) #12

I’ve just sent you a mail in-game.

The Character is now RDY

Im waiting for the 6B isk. As soon as I get It I will confirm reception and Start the process

(Maddicus theGreat) #13

Isk and info sent in game

(Solutio Minor) #14

Isk received and removed from the Character

I’ve paid and started the Character Transfer process and this time the character is old enough

PLz allow the 10 hours delay for security purpose from CCP

:slight_smile: :smiley:

(Maddicus theGreat) #15

I saw the email notification :slight_smile:
Thanks much !!

Fly safe

(system) #16

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