WTS 35.2m Pilot

Wallet Balance- A whopping 1,000 isk so positive
Security Status- +3.5
Killrights- 0 I am a good boi
Jump Clones- 0
Located- In the marvelous Jita 4-4

Good for a dictor alt/Ishtar spinner. Also has some skills injected for becoming a dread pilot


Starting Bid is at 17bil firm nothing lower. Buy out is 28bil


18 bi

20b is offered isk is ready

20b highest bid right now. Currently at work. Won’t be able to do any transfers until I get home.

I will take your offer of 20b I will be home from work in 30mins to an hour

Send character who to transfer the account to and send isk to radulov when ready. Heading to bed for the evening

please just transfer your character to this reply account,isk have been sent to Radulove

Isk has not been received

Still for sale!

it seems that i trans my isk to wrong character due to my misunderstanding.fly safe

Is it still on sale?

Yes, still for sale

Bumping to the top!


How about 19b? I think it’s an acceptable price!

19b sounds good to me

I have sent you funds and emails. Please start the transfer.

isk received, transfer started. Where shall I send a copy of the confirmation email to?

If you transfer, I will receive an official email, that’s OK.