WTS myself 124 million main subcap+cap character


starting bid 100b
open to any offers in next 5-7 days

I’ll do 95b if you don’t want to go through the hassle of a longer sale.

Thank you I will see if any good offers come up

how about 100b? (I misread your sp)

What’s the password to your eveboard?

110 bil, subject to eveboard review (pw please)

pw removed sorry

Thanks, confirming 110b


112 bil


I might wanna wait 2 more days :slight_smile:



115 bil

ty for your offer

Hi last 24 hours for an 120b b/o. Otherwise it’s deal with @Sinners_Garden

Hi your offer is accepted. Please transfer isk to me and I will start character transfer process soon.

Still for sale?

If @Sinners_Garden does not reply today it will be back on sale. You are welcome to make bid now

Since last highest price still did not reply me, the character is back on sale.