WTB 120-250m+ SP main

Title. Budget isn’t an issue.

PVP focused, 1not interested in too much industry.
Subcap skills must be very good.
Post what you’ve got.

Don’t you know bump it up, you’ve got to bump it up.

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I’ve got like 350b burning a hole in my pocket here.

Bump. Sell me your wares.


270b if you want.

Sorry, but it’s not really what I’m looking for. It’s subcap skills are distinctly lacking for such a high sp character.


up we go

Considering selling: Character Sheet

no KRs, and will bring back up to 0 for sec status if necessary.

Question - does it have negative trig standings?
I’d prefer the sec status at 0 if you wouldn’t mind, but above -2 is fine.

Otherwise, I can offer 135b if that seems reasonable?

All trig standings are 0

Looking to get around 140 for it if that works for you or I’ll do 135 if you let me keep sec status where its at since I’m lazy haha. If we have a deal give me a couple of hours to contract and move assets to my other characters and we can do the deal.

You have a deal I’ll sort the sec status.
135b is fine, I’m home in about 5 hours & can sort the isk and details.

Sounds good! I will begin moving my assets now

isk and details sent just now. Sorry for the delay

Will send shortly. Just creating a quick private sale thread and then sending your way. Strike that I will just confirm here.

I am selling this character as discussed. Isk has been received and character transfer will be initiated to account name sent via evemail.

Im an idiot. Can you please resend account name. I deleted evemail with it. Will send immediately after receipt. :upside_down_face: :anguished: #embarrassed

Sorry, I was asleep.

I’ve resent the username now

Account name received. Character transfer initiated now. Thanks again and sorry for the delay on that!

Bump, down to buy a second character