[CLOSED] WTB 20-40mil SP subcap PVP Characters

WTB multiple subcap PVP chars with SP between 20-40mil.
Budget: 250B

34.7 Mil SP

Mid Grade Crystals
Mid Grade Nirvanas

Command Ship Pilot
Panther Pilot
Vargur Pilot

Make an offer if interested

How much are you looking for it?

I will start at 32B

34 Billion accepted

Located in Jita
All Jump clones in high sec
No Kill rights
Positive Wallet
All CCP rules apply

Let’s meet in the middle and you have yourself a deal at 34B

Accepted , hit edit instead of reply

Great! Will send isk and acc info after work today. Might be a couple hrs since work just started :stuck_out_tongue:

Alright sounds good, it’s 7PM here I sleep around midnight

May be when you wake up then, since it’s only 9:20AM here. Many apologies about that.

ISK and account info sent.

isk received transfer started

Character received, thanks!

No longer looking due to changes, please close.

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