WTB Sub-cap PvP Pilots (Any SP above 50m)

WTB Sub-cap PvP pilots with anywhere from 50m to 125m SP. Almost any spec as long as they don’t have any industry skills, wasted SP, etc. The more focused the better. No limit to the budget but I’m very acclimated with prices. Don’t care about implants, skills, etc. Though I do like decent standings.

Post and I respond pretty quick unless I’m in bed.

Sell me your characters! I pay well and you have a great shot at selling your character by pointing it out to me.


PW: buyme

Mid-grade crystal set
Casino Ikitursa Skin (10b)
Fantastic killboard
Featured in videos - https://youtu.be/63tbJSKSlbk
Perfect black ops character, with many other subcap skills.
Good character reputation as a hunter.
Positive isk balance

Make an offer


Quite a few SP wasted in trade, processing and production, yet such a legendary character. What you looking to get?

Welshy RL 52B

pourquoi yoda 35 B

Still looking. Spoken with a few of you privately and purchased 1 character, still looking for another.

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