WTB: PvP/PvE Sub-Cap Character 75M+ SP

I’m interested in purchasing a very high SP character that has a focus on sub-capital ships. I don’t care a thing about capital ships, so the less skills in that, the better. I don’t have a budget, so if your character is particularly special, I’m willing to pay slightly above market prices. Obviously, not by much, considering that whatever discrepancies there may be can be solved by me just purchasing skill injectors.

I want a character that can fly a handful of ships very well, with a good name, remaps available and possibly with a collection of good standings if I ever I want to do mission running to pass the time.

Message me privately if you want to negotiate privately.

Still looking and I have isk to burn for the right character. Would like to get one by the end of the weekend!

Still looking!

Not a bump but despite offering way above extractor pricing for a couple weeks i’ve had no interest. Not a good sign. If nothing comes around in next 36 hours i’m closing thread and quitting. Good luck everyone that keeps playing this odd game!

I’ve 75B isk just burning my pocket and for the right character you can have it all!

I got me might sale


sold for 75 bil m this means I accept your offer.
Character is now on NPC corp, has positive status and positive wallet.
little to no assets will be on character at time of transfer and the left over assets are just there because I wont bother on traveling to sell them as they are cheap and not worth the travel time.
The character will be in a high sec space NPC station.
please send iskies and account name to be transferred to so i can start the transfer.
All forum rules apply if I miss anything please remind me of them and I will add them to the post.

Isk and account sent, thanks!

Isk received and char transferred to specified account
You have chosen to transfer the character Drakkainen Nitj’sefni to the account named *********
We are currently processing this transfer. The character you are transferring will remain on your account, but will not be playable until the transfer automatically completes.


the toons is awesome, i like it.

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