WTS 73m SP subcap


No kill rights,
positive wallet
73m skillpoints.
negative security status be careful in high sec
located in sivala
has a bunch of asset securities i havent checked and random muninns lying around null sec! Those come for free!

confirming i am for sale

Beginning with an offer at 60B

thanks for the offer but looking for something higher with the price injectors are at right now :slight_smile:

65b isk

66 Billion isk

thank you for the offer :slight_smile: will keep it in consideration!

this character is still available!

69 billion

thank you for the offer it will be kept in consideration :slight_smile:

if you can do 75b isk ill sell now

I am ready 70 Bill right now

thank you for the offer getting closer to the buyout mentioned above :slight_smile:

Ok, anyway let me know if you reduse to 70Bill. I am online now.

I really dont think i could sell this character under 75b isk with the price injectors are at now! I hope you understand :slight_smile:

68 Bill by injectors now

yes sir! Still looking for about 75 but if you are ready right now i will do 74

I am ready, but 70 Bill. I try to contact you ingame, but probably you offline.

i think she will still be avilable in 24 hours but i would like to get at least 74 :slight_smile: . i have an offer for 80 but he seems shaky and i dont think he will go thru with it so we will se what happens

character is still available for those who asked!