Selling 120M sp subcap char

(Roosterton) #1

  • Positive Wallet
  • Positive Sec Status
  • No Kill Rights
    -35k unallocated skillpoints
  • Can use a neural remap now.

In Jita

Will Not Be Sold Under Extractor/Injector Liquidate Price wich is currently 92B.

(Madam Bazaar) #2

93 Bil

(Roosterton) #3

Bump. Will give it a day or two more. If no other bids it will go to bazaar.

(Roosterton) #4


(Roosterton) #5


(The Judge) #6


(Roosterton) #7

Bid accepted, waiting for isk and info.

(Ng Rnong) #8

I bid for 94B as well if the bid is not valided

(The Judge) #9

Isk and account info sent

(Roosterton) #10

Char transfer started. Have fun :slight_smile: