Sold please remove

101mil SP Toon for sale. >>>>> <<<<<
In NPC Corp.
Positive Wallet.
In Jita Station 4-4
Looking to get 100bil or to highest buyer ends 7days from now.

79 bil

thanks for the offer But ill keep looking. :grinning:

I have an offer for my toon in 100b but i need get 105 to purchase you. Do u accept 95b ?

Really the value is around 80b, and i am paying an overprice.

if u dont accept the 95b offer, i need waiting until other people offer the 105b.


I’ll accept 95bill sold to inactive seller awaiting idk and account info.

Ok, i go to proceed now seeking the other pilot =)

Isk and acc name sent.

Isk Received and doing the character transfer now.

Character has been sent.

Many thanks.

Character received, many thanks !

Pleasure enjoy! :grin:

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