WTS Nidhog char

Hi i’m for sale.
26,5m sp
located in jita
positive wallet

carrier 4
t2 fighters
jdc 4
7m sp in drones

can also do an adequate longbow oracle (snipping EM rats with tachyons)
it has 1.9m extra sp

i know jdc4 is bad, but with the 1.9m extra sp you can get jdc5

Starting bid 23b

transfer will be made with plex, i will give you the support ticket #number as soon as i do it

17b for Yelia Svazi

extract value of 26.5m sp is roughly 20b at perimeter prices, plus 1000 plex, minimum of 23b, any other offers will be considered bumps.

bump <3

I can offer you 22B, but you’d have to confirm it soon. I’ll be leaving tomorrow and would like to get the process started before.

accepted, tried contacting u in game but couldnt, will be up for another hour so we can exchange info

edit going to sleep will be waking up in like 6h so i will keep an eye from work

Hi, yeah, went to sleep already yesterday.
ISK and account info sent.

Thanks in advance!

isk and account info received, i decided to do it with credit card so you get the char sooner.
character transfer started

Awesome, thanks!

character received and everything is as should be.

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