WTS Blaster PVP pilot 7-8mSP (Nice name and looks)


Highsec Jita
wallet empty
no kill rights
no jump closes.

Looking for offers to start with to guage value.

Eveskillboard is being taken down, did you miss the big yellow banner on its page? Can you edit with the suggested link?

As well as post char location, wallet, kill rights and jump clones?

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I’ll offer 9bil buyout for a quick sale, need a char for operation this week

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Thats very kind of you, I take your offer. Please stand by for the character to confirm they are for sale And then send Jon Calico an in game mail stating the account I should transfer the character to. I will begin the transfer ASAP. Thanks

Confirming I am for sale.

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Bump :3

Are you still interested?

daily bump

big sad bump

link not working


Could you please make it possible to see char`s skills?

She also has the Police skin for the Brutix :3

Still for sale

I am very interested, but it is important for you to show the character’s skills.


All sorted

Fixed the link