WTS 131m sp pvp / pve pilot


I am selling myself real life has called and I am unable to dedicate time to play eve in the way i enjoy.

The killboard https://zkillboard.com/character/227177370/ (i am not the original owner)
The Skill list https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Zar_Tiero

Remap Available now (no others avail)
Sec status Positive 4.3
Wallet Positive
Located in Highsec, with standard plug ins (misc clones spread out but you can delete em)
Notable Standings, 8.2 Caldari Navy
Skins, 32 ship skins, nothing major.
Skills, decent subcap and cap skills including cap ships V.
(comes with a literal TON of blue prints in jita i never bothered to go thru)
no killrights

I pay the transfer, and plan to use a credit card for faster service.

I am looking for 125billion as a buyout

Ill do 120 bil

125 billion isk right here

Sold to Titan fires, please send isk and account name to the character

Isk sent

Isk and account name recieved, Transfer started via credit card.

** You have chosen to transfer the character Zar Tiero to the account named XX**

Enjoy and thank you

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