WTS 63mil SP Pilot pve/pvp


starting 45b
mostly used it for ratting
63043550 skill points
positive wallet ballance
security status 5.0
2x zainou gypsy cpu management ee-603
4 clones located in :
piak -> character location
no kill rights
is on the same account as this character, sorry for not posting from there, didnt bother to read the rules
gallente kind of hate this character -4.61 minmatar -2.94
a couple of assets around the guristas and angel epic arc locations ( you can use them later)
ship skins:
hawk- exoplanets hunter
1 bonus remap
laser sight ocular eye

50 billion


This thread has so many things going against the rules:

  • the character being sold needs to make the thread;
  • seller ALWAYS pays transfer fee;
  • missing information about Sec status, kill rights etc etc.

You can find all of the required information in the Character Bazaar rules. I suggest you change the post accordingly or ccp will surely lock your thread.

i updated the first post, thank you for letting me know

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i doubt this dude’s bid is real. i will offer 51 bil in case my assumption is correct

is this bid real m9

52 bill

52.5 bil


53 billion.


is the offer stil up?

bump, still up for sale

I’ll do 50b flat now.

52B B/o


Can log in now to send isk.

55 B b/o

56b offered