WTS pilot 50 million SP


  • NPC corp
  • Wallet is positive
  • Sec. status 0.0
  • No kill rights
  • Located in highsec
    Almost perfect Science skills
    42 bil buyout

42b offer

as 42 is buyout , you win this race. You can send isk and information to me

thanks.but since i am away on official business now. I will come back to start this trade after one day. Would you plz wait for me?

Please contact me when get back, I would be trying to sell it meanwhille. In case it is still for sale, we would make a deal.

All right.wish to make the deal ater all


43 bil suits me

i would highly encourage anyone posting on this character to exercise caution on characters that are suspiciously low in price.

lol i dont want play anymore. all isk what i get i give to my friends, so for me not really important get extra 3-5 bills i am tired and want to do it fast, than i delete game.

Agreed, this is definitely a suspicious seller
Lots of weird discount sellers agreeing to ridiculous prices during the weekend. CCP can only react Monday…

not to mention he immediately accepted the starting bid. That reeks of a scam. Even if he was trying to get it done quickly to give the isk to his friends. it literally takes nothing to leave this up for a few days and let people bid 60b that a character like this could pull in.

There’s like 7-8 of those currently up, really nothing we can do until CCP fixes the bazaar

you still interested?

Admin please delete these trash messages, char is still for sale: 42 b bo

45 bil isk buy out , isk ready

that awesome bid my friedns will be happy ill take it.! waiting isk and mail with account name

ok, gonna send isk and info now

isk and acc name sent

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