WTS nice subcap pilot 62 mil SP

eveboard http://eveboard.com/pilot/Kicerius_Khardula
pass 123456

Give me good offer

47 billion isk ready and available now

48 bil

50 bil

51 bil

52 bil

53 bil

53.5 bil

54 bil

55 bil

56 bil

we are very close, lets wait another day. Thanks for bumps

57 bil

60 and it can go immediately

Price accepted. Tell me when you are ready and i will send you isk and info to your ingame mail.

Allright, price accepted, im now out of computer, ill be on computer in friday, so if you want, you can now send isks, and transfer info. or in friday.

ISK and ID info have been sent,.

Transfer will start in few hours


character received. Danke