Wts 88m sp subcap

Ready for transfer
Pilot in npc corp
No kill rights
Possitive wallet
55b start bid

61b offered


hello. I accept your bid.

so absolute truth red msg but still don’t answer.
lets start again from 55b

Hey my bid of 61b is still good. I didnt see your reply accepting my bid. I can send isk and account name when I get home from work in a few hours.

yes of cause that work)
than bids on pause ill wait till you come home

still not answer from Absolute Truth
I am open for bids

Agreed in game, isk and acc info sent.

got isk and info

I was still at work, I didnt forget. A workday is 8 hours in the US. If you already sold the char I understand.

Hey, any update on the ticket?

No reply from the seller yet, assuming it’s scam, writing down a ticket.

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