WTS Myself 59m SP subcap

positive wallet

positive sec

located in HS

Comes with clones (Some locked in TEST space)

Bit of a fixer-upper but can fly most subcap pvp ships

Good gunnery skills

Lots of capital skill books injected (Super/dread etc)

Bids start at 51B

49b offered

Sorry offer too low

to the top

My bid will be withdrawn if not accepted within 24h of this post.

to the top

another bump

51b offered

Thank you, I’ll accept your bid within 24hs if no one bids higher

Hi if you’re still interested please send isk and account name over :slight_smile:

yes i still want him.please wait a few mins:grinning:

ISK and ACCOUNT sent. Please confirme.

Confirmed, started the transfer process thank you

Please note this transfer is using plex and requires a support ticket, in my experience this can take 24-48hs to go through. Ticket has been made.

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