WTS 32.5 Mil Sp Subcap


Nice little sub cap pilot
standings for lvl 4 missions with Theology Council
3 kill rights against. All expiring in a few days. None have been made public.
Positive Wallet
In Hi sec

Got an offer of 22.5. Probably go with that.

Bump, Still for sale. If you can beat 22.5 it’s all yours

mail send!!

Ingame deal made 23B pls confirm

Taking in game offer from Cap Alberto. Send isk and account info

ISK and Account send Awaiting transfer, Thanks !!

Sorry, Confirmed with the wrong character. Yes I confirm this offer and have received isk and account info.

Please confirm you started the transfer thanks

Still no conformation of initiated transfer or delay, Hope seller is OK.

Please confrim asap

Heyo, Was on a flight. Yup transfer request was submitted right after we spoek sorry about the wait on confirmation.

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