WTS 36Mil SP Sub Cap Pilot [SOLD]

WTS 36Mil SP Sub Cap Pilot

Positive Wallet
Located in Rahadalan, can relocate to hi-sec
No Jump Clones
No Kill Rights

Gallente/Minmatar BC 5
Logi Cruiser 5
Recon 5
Heavy Interdiction 4
Command ships 4


Bidding Starts at 30B

35 bil

36 bill

37 bil


Thank you for your bids.

Bidding will close at 15:00 ET Monday and the transfer process will begin.

Bidding Closed

Sofra_Gaterau wins.

Send account details and payment.

sorry for the delay , I will send info and isk in a few hours

isk and account info has sent

Isk recieved,

Ticket Submitted,

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