WTS 35Mill SP Sub Cap Pilot

For Sale

Character details: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/lucian_solomon

Character has 35.049.044 SP With 750.000 Unalllocated SP.

Positive wallet.
NPC Corp.
Located in high-sec.
No kill Rights.
Remaps: 1

Starting bid: 25Bil
Buyout: 32bil

25 bil

Daily bump


Thanks for the bids so far, daily bump!

28 bill

Thanks, i would like to get a little bit more

29 bil best

30 bil

Ill accept a 32B B/O, otherwise the highest bidder wins tonight

I would make an offer but your total SP is 1 million SP less then you stated and your eveskillboard is revoked auth which is a sign you extracted the character already. 50% chance this is a scam. If you can provide your character transfer payment method and reauthorize the eveskillboard I will place a bid or buyout.

Should be authed now. 35Mill SP is including the 750.000 Unalllocated SP m8.

It is but now requires a password. It appears your password is 12345

try again pls

32 billion isk available right now

Ill accept youre 32b as BO. Once i recieve the money on this chatacter i can start the transfer if you send this char a ingame mail with the account name

Isk and account info sent. Great doing business with you!

Waiting on Lucian Solomon to begin transfer.

Recieved the ISK, transfer is completed.

Email confirmation recieved. Thank you!