WTS 22m SP pilot

Need to free up space on my account and don’t really use this pilot a great deal anymore. Will make a great mission runner or abyssal pilot for someone.

Descent drone skills and has Cybernetics V for quick skill queueing. Also has been training trig ships recently.

All CCP rules apply and char is currently in NPC corp.

B/O 14B


12 Bill



bump!! still for sale!

bump up

14 Bill

accepted send isk and accoun info please.

Withdraw the offer. Sorry, my goal has changed

You char have good drones skills but having no ship to use that, I will offer you 12.5b if you want to sell it

thank you for your interest, he can fly gila or ishtar and generates sizeable passive income. The only reason i am selling is to free up a slot for character consolidation. He is priced to sell and will pay for himself relatively quickly. 14B is my buyout, thanks again!

Nice Drone Skills but lacking in ship flying as Vinny said. I would offer 11b. Let me know if he backs out or something.

2days before I leave the deal bro. This char need about 4M+ sp to fly ishtar, and get a lot of unfocused skills, you can see why you get no buyer for him, because it’s not worth for that. I offering 11.5b for last price. Take it? send me email in game.

bump, still for sale.

Eran Almog I’ll offer 12.1 B

bump still for sale he is nearly at 24m sp now.

12.5 bil

14B takes it.

14B b/o

14B B/o accepted, please send isk and account info.