[WTS] 22.3M Drone Pilot (SOLDDD!)


  • Positive Wallet
  • Will be High Sec located and in NPC Corp upon accepting a bid.
  • Good Drones - Can turn into a good carrier if you wanted.
  • Has alot of decent skills for Tank/Shields.
    Has good implants Attached +5’s - Also Full Amulet Set on Jump Clone.
    Open to Sensible Offers.

I can offer 11b

Hi, thats less than the Extraction Value… No Thankyou.

14B offers

Still for Sale

Daily Bump!

Bump! Still for sale!

Daily Bump

15b offer

15B sounds reasonable.

Hi, i accept your offer, please send isk when ready. I will begin transfer.

Sorry, I have already bought another pilot

Still for sale

Want a quick sale :slight_smile:

i offered 9.2 on another similar toon. i can offer the sane here.

also, you have to be in a starter corp before you post the toon for sale.

Sorry too low!


How would u feel about 12bil?

I would accept 14B currently.