WTS 22.24m SP (+1m SP unallocated) - SOLD


Located in Jita IV-4, positive wallet, NPC corp, -1.2 sec status, no kill rights or jump clones. All CCP rules apply, I pay the transfer. Been sitting idle since Oct 6th, 2018

PvE then PvP toon. Good all round foundational pilot, with strong focus on Gallante/drones boat.

Magic 14 75%

22.24m Skill Point pilot. +1 million unallocated.

I offer 14B

14B is a good starting pitch and I respect the offer but i’m looking for around 19-22B and that’s way off unfortunately

i offer 15B

I respect the offer xianjiu panda and the good faith it is made but it is shy of what I am looking for. I could go as low as 19B but that would be my limit.

I would hope other bidders also respect this status, especially if I am also paying the transfer as per regulations.

Is it the perfect drone ship, may I ask? like YST


Gives you all you need to know in this regard. I piloted mostly Vexors, Dominix and was toying with a Talos prior to taking my break.

For YST/Ishtar: 19 DAYS away normal training away. So easily achieved with some accelerators and injectors.

I looked at all the skills and there was some clutter. So it’s hard for me to offer more than 15B.Not to mention 19B, maybe you can tell me your lowest psychological price.

17B if to close the sale today. I’m paying the transfer as well.

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OK, I need to think about it. It’s Beijing time here. So I have to go to bed

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I respect that. If someone comes in and offers 17B tonight the character is theirs though.

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OK :slight_smile:

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My final offer 15.5B, if u really trade within today.

hmm rethink

Bump: 16B anyone? now have 1 million unallocated SP added to the character.

I don’t want to wait any more days. OK, I accept to offer up 0.5B more from 15.5B to 16B if u really have 22.2M +1M unallocated SP and transfer today, even though it still can’t show in the link right now. But I think GM should be checking it if anything wrong about the deal when transfer process.
isk and account sent.

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The additional skill points are there: I’d realised that I had access to them as a returning player via the recruit promotion. So they were recently added. Another 6,000 on top of this from daily bonuses are there too.

That’s the character been transferred as per your email instructions in game to the account you stated.

Well received with thanks.

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