WTS 46m +500k unallocated sp subcap/min PVE


46m sp, 501k unallocated.
Positive Sec
Positive wallet
Located in hi-sec
2 jumps, 1 in high, 1 in low (one jc has +5 learning)
No killrights
I pay transfer all CCP rules etc

Start at 35b imo
B/O in mind but not disclosed

35 Billion ISK

38 billion

Thanks for the bids so far. Daily bump.

Bumping again, considering current top bid of 38b. Gonna thonk on it.

39 bil

45b b/o

Got yourself a deal. Send isk and account and I’ll get it going right meow.

yeah i will sort out the isk it should be done tomorrow

Still interested?


isk and account info sent

Confirmed received, starting transfer momentarily. Will edit this post when it’s started.

Edit: Transfer started, ironically I can launch the game and check the forums from here but not my e-mail so I can’t copy+paste the little CCP blurb they send.

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