124 mil SP Sub cap specialist

Looking to get some offers on myself.

EveSkillboard - Oshiya

Very well skilled sub cap pilot. Black ops, marauders, T3C ETC. Can do most sub caps for all the races. All CCP rules apply already in an NPC corp pos wallet etc. Looking for some good offers.

Thanks for your interest.

80b here

Thanks. Will let it roll until this time Friday. If nothing higher we can proceed.

fine xD


I’ll do 81b, got another toon. Thnx anyway.

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Thanks. Will continue on till Friday.


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Thanks. If no higher offer by 6 pm est this one will be accepted.

may be we can trade at 4pm? I’ll go to bed at 6pm xD

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Sadly I’m at work right now. Will be here until 6 and do not have access to my PC.

If you want though honestly I can end this early. If you go ahead and send the isk and account info to oshiya I can start the process when I get home this evening.

pls confirm my offer on the forum )

I’m accepting your offer of 85 billion isk for the purchase of Oshiya. After isk and account info is sent I can start transfer once I get home from work.

isk and account sent . good night xD

Thanks! Good night to you as well. Hopefully CCP works fast and you wake up to your new character

hello,did process started? )

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The process has been started. You should have received an email from ccp, right?

Please confirm when you get the email.

email got it

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