Wts 112 m sp cap subcap pilot

Skills: 544Predators Skillboard || Eve Is ESI || A Third Party Eve Online App

Toon is sitting in Jita, with green wallet, positive sec status, 2 available remaps, 3 jump clones, in npc corp with no kill rights

Looking for offers higher than 65 bil

60 b offer

for 65 bil I ll let it go

BO reduced to 63 bil


  • , please kindly provide isk and account’s transfer name


Already sold for 63 bil, waiting for @Jimmy5051 to send me isk

Gabriel Dayhn plz BO its BO ried the RULLS:::

63 b offer

“Sent isks and account details from Soto Komo”

Hi Bro i whait for Charakter Transfer ???

I think again a scamer / cheater, I’ll wait a few hours, then Petition goes out to EVE


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