WTS: Pvp Pilot, subcap only 56m SP

Amarr pilot going up for sale
Cool stuff to know:

pw: 4321

Startbid: 10b
buyout: offers are welcome
End: sunday 21:00 eve time

Thank you !

20 Bill ,isk ready

40b ready assuming eveboard is up to date

Eveboard is up to date!

45 bil

47 bil

48b offered

Auction ends soon, 1800 eve time

Ill up my bid to 49b if you end the auction now

49.1 bil

Is this jita? 49.2b

You won Mail me account and send isk and ill transfer right away

Sending the isk and account information now.

Isk sent and account information sent via in-game mail

Will you be able to initiate the transfer soon? I haven’t received any email confirmation yet.

Yes once im home from work, I’ll mail you right before and post here too

09 Apr 2018 16:57

EVE Character transfer

there we go! goodluck with your new charecter, and thank!

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