WTS 2005 -104m SP sub-cap pilot

Excellent sub-cap skills.

Details: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Cisse_La’merget

Starting bid 100bn
Buyout 125bn

im pretty sure you mean BILLION isk and not MILLION :innocent:


Still for sale!

100B offer

Great, thanks buddy. I can transfer tomorrow if you have the Isk ready?

I’ll do 101.

So…Did you mean you accept my offer…?
If so, I will pay 101B.
(My English is bad,pls dont mind)

Yes, Compare Summer. I accept your offer. When would you be able to transfer the isk?

I Can transfer them now.please wait a sec.

101B transfered to Cisse_La_merget

Isk received. Thanks. I’ll PM you for account details!

Hmmmm…What is “PM”?

Thank you buddy! Have you received the character?

yep i received

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