Wts 100m sp subcap character (5+m unallocated SP) born in 2004

All ccp rules applied. Npc corp, Jita location, no kill rights, 2 bonus remaps, 1 clone in Amarr, wallet 0

No lowball offers. Buy Out: 100 bil ISK. Good luck.

Bids please!

to the top!

20b :slight_smile:

50B bid

Are there any serious buyers on the forum these days?

68B bid

How about this price

Withdraw an offer

still selling

69b isk ready valid 12h

even simple extraction gives a way more…no offers below 85 bil please

who gives me a fair offer?

I can throw down 80b

Thank you, 80b is not that bad but still not enough to finish that auction.

I can sell you a bunch of extractors, and we can than do a sale for 50b? As in like science/production/reprocessing can easily go. I’m want a toon for FW, so t2 BS and t3 cruisers I don’t care about along with capitals.

you could extract any skill you’d like after you purchase it. You have an offer for the character?

Not enough isk, or like last i checked market for extractors was crap. I’ll check back in later, if like 80 extractors can be sold without losing out on 10b.

Actually did the math I’m not matching the B/O even if I just go and sell all of the extractors.

I can do 95bil if that make sense for you