Selling https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Mike_Vyvorant (password:1234) Positive wallet
100,222,206 SP w/ addition 500k unallocated SP.
Located in 1DQ1, has jump clone out of null to Torrinos, also willing to relocated to high sec if its an issue before sale.
Positive Sec status, No Killrights.
2 Remap available in two weeks.

I will pay CCP for the transfer and further details of where to send isk once I accept an offer will be provided at that time.

Opening Bid 80b/Buyout 90b

I’m happy to answer any further questions.

contacted in-game

if you extract skills and sell skill injectors you get a net of 95 * 2 * 535 mil = 101.6 bil isk and you still get to keep a 5 mil SP char which you can use for skill farming
if you sell for 90 bil you get a profit of 90 bil minus 4 bil spent for transfer = 86 bil

just fyi

that being said, if you really want to lose isk, ill give you the 90 bil buyout

Look to good to be true.

I’ll buy the char for 85 Bil

90 bil.

90.5 bill


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93 Billion ISK right here

I’m serious
Contact me in the game。thx

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