SOLD - WTS 95 million SP toon

Character stats here:

Solid all rounder looking for new adventures.

Skilled up for Marauders, Black Ops, Strategic Cruisers you name it.

Near maxed out skills all main categories before getting in caps.

• 95M Skillpoints
• Positive wallet (5 mill ISK)
• Sitting in JITA IV
• 3.26 positive security status
• Currently in a NPC corp
• No Kill Rights
• Remaps available
• 2 jump clones in hi-sec and 2 in low-sec
• Basic implants in base character and clones

Starting bid: 70 Bil
Buy out 85 Bil …now 78B

65 bil

66B offer

70 bil

71B offer

72 bil

73 bil

74B offer

Happy to accept 78B to get this over the line ASAP.

@Pootie_Tangg and @TxivYawg1 I’m happy to sell at 74 bil if you’re still interested?

I accept your offer of 74B if you’re still interested?

isk sent and account info sent via in-game mail. Thanks!

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All good, ISK’s received , I’ll initiate the transfer now. Many thanks.

@Pootie_Tangg Transfer complete. Cheers!

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