WTS 34m sp focused char

selling toon

Positive wallet.
Localized in Jita hub.
No kill rights.

34mill sp
recon 5
command ships 5
cyno 5

will be able to sit in most thing with just one skill book added

EveSkillboard link : https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Julius_Robert_Oppenheimer 30
Start Bid : 30B
B/O : make me a decent offer

All requirements to trade are meet postive isk/in NPC/assets will be cleared before transfer/no kill rights

please dont post a skill extraction valuation as it is worth more than that.

given that this char looks like an old off-grid booster and lacks quiet a lot of fundamental stuff, i’ll bid 28b. I know, this is below your “Start bid”, but i dont think anyone will actually bid more.

Bid accepted

Send the isk and I’ll transfer the toon

have you completed sale of this character? If no, I’m placing a bid of 22Bil

22.5bil ready now

23Bil ready


Will be online today in a few hours to sort the transfer is the isl has been sent

I’m sorry I have to revert to my previous bid of 23B as the market has changed

TennyS TanJ why are you withdrawing my post? i dont know you nor did i ask you to… please remove your comment.

please stop spamming my posts with stupid nonsens esuch as the market has changed because youve written this on so many people posts its embarrassing. Likewise nuclear powered eve.

Isk not received so Auctions will continue. Still for sale

25b so i can become destroyer of worlds

I’m sorry, what? I’m not allowed to withdraw/reduce my bids? Like, If it bothers you that much I’ll just remove my posts.

Gee, never seen someone hate free bumps even!

[Marcus Scipios] Messaged you in game

Agreed to ingame Terms. Isk and account info have been send.

Sale completed to Marcus Scipios.

Transfering the toon now.

Happy new toon

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