WTS 34m sp Rev/Avatar toon

Selling Dread or Titan alt .

-No items
-No Pod .
-10 enjoy;D
-lalu V | Character | zKillboard
-Char Board = EveSkillboard - lalu V

I think thers already alot skills stripped .afew Books on it .
Should do for a cap alt .

Have fun bidding,i take a look later .

18b offer


20 bil offer.

Not -10 but advertised as -10
jdc 4
no doomsday skills
no t2 cap gun for avatar/revelation
weak armor skills
weak engineering skills
weak navigation skills


should have insert as holding fella;D which can get rdy with alil effort ;D
Iam happy to correct the -9,8 to 10 quik if you wish;P

18.5b offer

After in game negotiations with the seller, we have agreed upon 23.5 bil.

After seller confirms, I will send the isk to lalu V and eve mail seller with the name of the account that the character should be transferred to.


24.5b offer if still available

26b offer

35b offer valid next 2 hours

ok switching to Nie

Hodzic hasent payed for now so iam happy to agree 35

Bid still current?

25 if everyone else falls through

sorry i retract bid, saw you dont have jdc v

28 bil offer

Accepted for 28b to Buckswanson

Isk sent.

In game mail with account to transfer character to sent.

Please initiate character transfer.


Character received as advertised. Transaction complete.