WTS myself 17.5M SP Amarr Dread pilot focused (SOLD)

(Tsahaylu Tas'enth) #1

17.5 Mil SP Amarr dread character all the expensive bollocks skills injected.


Character located in a highsec station, Jita 4-4 Caldari Navy Assembly Plant
-0.60 security status
2010 char
Positive wallet.
No killrights.
No bounty
I will pay transfer fee.
Jump clones in Jita 4-4, Berta VI - a 0.5 high sec system, Kaaputenen 0.8 high sec,

No reputation for piracy, scamming, reneging, or dishonorable activities.
Implants worth over 200m, set of plus 3s and some plus 4s

Starting bid 16.5b

pls offer!

(Frog Meatball) #2


(Tsahaylu Tas'enth) #3

ty for the bump

(Ziraline) #4

15.5 bil

(Frog Meatball) #5


(Ziraline) #6

17b b/o

(Frog Meatball) #7

I’ll offer 18Bil b/o

(Tsahaylu Tas'enth) #8

18b buyout accepted, send isk to this character with the account name you would like char sent to.

(Frog Meatball) #9

contract and account name has been sent.

(Tsahaylu Tas'enth) #10

Character transfer initated =D ty again good sir!

(Frog Meatball) #11

did the transfer beginning?I didn’t get email.

(Tsahaylu Tas'enth) #12

the goddamn transfer failed because of downtime.
i’m re-trying now. sorry i’ve been at work all day.

(Frog Meatball) #13

Thank you.

(system) #14

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