Sold out

Hi I am for sale for right price.
Great name, 2005 character and a lot of skills focus.
195M SP and almost 3M unallocated - Link tools4eve

Highlights included:

  • Almost all ships sub cap at lev V
  • Fleet support skills
  • Planetary Management for free income
  • Everything important at lev V
  • Free resculpt - so change the look the way you like.
  • Remap Available - Yes

5 Jump Clones as specified on image here:

  • +5 clone
  • High-Grade Nirvana set
  • Mid-Grade Crystal (5 imps)
  • Mid-Grade Talisman (4 imps)
    and others +5%

some ship skins

BO over 200B isk

Positive wallet & sec
No kill rights
Located in High sec - Jita on transfer
All CCP transfer rules apply.

175b offer

thanks for starting offer, looking for more

185b offer

185b is too low, last chance before I am off for holiday 9th July.
I will be back 24th ready for potential transfer

up we go

170b offer


171 billl

Thanks for offers, not selling that low. Will wait longer if there will be more interested buyer.

You’re being unrealistic tbh. If you look at the bazaar main board, someone with 80m SP more than you got marginally more than your BO. I hope you get the money you want but think you’ll have to settle for less. I offer 160b

Thank you offers are too low, will wait longer or forever :slight_smile:
Thanks for concern

Still for sale

A well trained character to be fair, if I were on the lookout for a new subcapital main . Not worth 200+ Bil tho , more like 185-190.Good luck o7.

Thanks Vayra, IMO it is worth 200+ as it is not purely well allocated skill points you buy but also standings/name/kb/history

up we go

still up for sale if somebody is interested in something more than stripping for injectors :slight_smile:

Hey Rei,

I would like to add your character to my accounts, its been such a long time, we were both in RNAL together and i still play with so many of the people from back then in other stuff (Rufus, fitzter, Roguepants, Velox) I have no interesting in seeing your toon pulped.

I will offer 200b to get the deal done. I will post on here with the account the toon will move to if you accept o7

Hi Talmou
Great to hear from you, thanks for nice words and offer, that I gladly accept.
That actually gives me hope that if in the future you will be tempted to sell her I will have possibility buy her back :slight_smile:
I will accept offer once again when you post it with proper toon :slight_smile:

Hi Rei, This is the correct toon, isk will be with you in 5 mins.