WTS 91.6mil SP toon

Character will be in an npc corp and in Jita at time of sale.
91.6mil SP
Great exploration character that can fly a JF with max skills and is approx one day from a Rorq. Fantastic Tengu or Legion pilot
No Killrights
Positive security rating
Wallet and assets with be 0
Three jump clones.

Starting bids - 50bil
Reserve - 65bil
Buyout - 80bil


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55bil isk ready

56B offer



Thanks for the bids so far but looking to get more for a character properly maxed into his skills.

60 bill

Bump, looking to at least get the reserve for this great character

Final bump, will close action tomorrow at the same time if reserve isn’t met.

consider 65 bill?

Sorry mate, 70bil would be the lowest I would accept for him.

np cheers

Morning @Chance_Taker , I’ve slept on it so if you’ll come up to 68b I’ll reluctantly accept.

might have to pass but there is still time to see if you get other offers

my offer does stand tho at 65

if you decide you want to do it please let me know asap so i can prepare the isk

@Chance_Taker Sorry I’ve been working. Ok let’s do it, if you still want to trade. Need to let me know as I will get him into Jita etc

bump of the daily kind

Will now accept 65bil for the toon.

daily bump - still for sale