WTS 91.6mil SP toon

Character should be in a NPC corp. Give me a pm when it is and I will make you an offer

He said it will be NPC corp at time of sale, if you PM him and give him an offer I’m sure he would consider it, and if he accepted it he should immediately put him in NPC Corp, skill board should reflect that before you send any isk.

The rules are quite clear on this

“The character being sold must be in an NPC corporation at the time of posting, and for the entire duration of the sale/auction thread being active.”

The reason behind this is just in case they have roles and it can take upto 24hrs to remove them…

Hey guys, you’re right of course on the NPC corp but obviously I’m using the toon at the moment and he’s needed doing what he’s doing, the minute I get an offer closer in the range of what I’m looking for he will be moved straight to Jita and will leave his corp. You can exit a corp immediately without needing to wait 24hrs so if you make a proper offer you won’t be waiting around…

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@Jahang_Dethahal character is now in npc corp and in Jita. Please send isk to this toon.

Sorry any bids retracted

Unbelievable, cheers for totally wasting my time!

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So for any SERIOUS bidders the character is now in an npc corp in Jita ready to go.

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Daily bump.

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Still for sale

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Daily bump

Back to the top, seems character sales are slooooow these days!

Still for sale.

Daily bump - character still for sale.

Daily bump

I’ll give you 52 b for your toon
isk ready :wink:
see ya

I’ll Offer 53Bill
Tho you could do better Dymorian Deile

Yeah sorry guys it’s not going cheaper than 65b. I think the extractor value is about 61b…

@Dymorian_Deile The extraction value is around 54b these days, so I’ll give you 54 b as a last offer.
isk ready, you want to sell, I want to buy so let’s have a deal ! :wink:

Not for that price sorry.