WTS MY OLD TOON 46mill sp

WTS https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Chooser

been on and off for many yrs now and would like to just do my own thing i have no need for this toon and all i use it for now is to pull sp from like many other toons before i kill it totally its still has all the skills injected for a top super toon as it once was flying all race cap’s.

it still is a full on pvp toon with near maxed golem and kronos skills
would be a shame to see it go to waste.

Every cap book
3/4 dread book’s and skills

The toon is ready to do anything you want it to do Pvp/Pve if you god the time to put in this can be a grate money saver over all

its been yrs from when ive posted a toon on here so to,
kick things off we will start the bidding at : 10B

B/O: 45B or best offer


10bil offer

11 bill offer

15B offer

16 bill

18b offer

Well darn, would of really loved this character but can’t go above 10bil

18B offer

you need to drop corp, before i bid.

what am i missing? why not extract for more isk and save yourself a transfer fee.


20B offer

21 billion iskies

23B offer


27B offer

done my dude sorry forgot i was even in one xD

28b offer

30 bill