WTS 78,5 Mil Sp Char [SOLD]


She is now sitting in Jita, got positive sec status, been at npc corp.

Sitting in a Full Improved Skill clone

No jump clones

Wallet is empty, but positive

No kill rights

No Bounty

2.034.710 unallocated SP

Will not consider offers below 65b. b/o 75b.

not enough Gunnery and Spaceship Command and I don’t need Fleet Support.
I’ll offer 67B to have a try

if nobody makes a higher bid in 24h you can have the character for 67b


I’ll be sleeping at 16:00 or 17:00 (eve time)so my bid is still available until then.
so maybe you can push the it forward

are u online?

yes on line@Hakke 2k


Let’s finish it.

yes iam here send me isk and account infos

ok wait a sec

isk and mail sent

ok its complete. thx u


you’re welcome. :grinning:

i have 2 more so be rdy to buy the next one :stuck_out_tongue:

oh you should post them all and let me choice at the first time.haha

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