[SOLD] 82m SP Character



Wallet balance is positive.
No Kill rights

Jump clones:
Jita IV - 4
Saminer IX

Character is currently in Jita.

Starting at 70b.
80b b/o.

63 billion.

You are missing information as required by the character bazaar rules. You are not allowed to sell your pilot unless you update.

Added information.

64 billion

Looking to get to that 70b mark. We can talk there!

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65 bil

66 billion.

67 bil

68 billion.

69 bil

I fold. Good fight!

All yours at 70b.

Let me know.

I’m interested. Are you here?

Yes. Im in game now.

70B B/O

All yours. Message me in game with your info.

will be at home @ around 1hours then i can send u the isk and account info via mail