Wts 90m sp subcap character born in 2003

Duke Giz

7.5m unallocated skill points
All ccp rules applied. Character moved out to npc corp and brought to Jita 4-4
No kill rights
1 Jump clone in Amarr
Wallet +
Sec.status 0
3 bonus remaps

Starting bid: 75 bil
BO: 90 bil


50B bid

60b isk

I’ll give you 75 bill for it

76b then

I will probably sell it on Sunday so keep bidding

Current highest bid is 76 bil. Anyone can offer more?

your bid is still valid?

Yep, 76b

76 bil offer accepted, send isk and account name when have time

Sent mail with account name and transferred isk.

Hello? can you confirm that i’ve sent the isk and you are starting the transfer?

Yeah, all good, isk received , transfer started. Sorry, forgot to reply here.

Ok, jsut that i haven’t yet received the email about the transfer, could you post a screenshot from your account saying that the character is being transferred or something ?

I think you can check that in account management in transfer page

There we go, showing up now, ty!

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