Selling Leshak pilot 9m sp

Link to skills

Perfect for WH’s
5k unallocated SP.
+3 implants in head
Neural remap available + 2 bonus remaps, currently specced into memory + perfection

All CCP Rules apply.

    1. Character is in accessible Highsec (Jita).
    1. I will pay for transfer.
    1. Positive wallet.
    1. No kill rights.
    1. Character is in NPC corp.

Min 100m bidding increments please.
Start bid 7B.
Buyout 10B.

Link isnt working properly

sorry, i tried, should work now


4b bid, a bit higher than a extraction price

nice char, would you take 5.5 bil

6b offer

6.1 Bill

Tempted but I will hopefully get a 7+ bill bid. If so I’ll sell within 24 hours of that bid

6.5b offer

any last offers?

7 bil?


link does not appear to be working

mirjana should be and have been ?

Parrthurnax GreyBeard ill accept your offer

Blockquote ?

Sorry about that will transfer when home from work

Was able to remote into pc, isk and mail info sent on different characters but it has been sent, awaiting transfer

still waiting on transfer