Leshak pilot for sale

Leshak_Sleepless on eveboards

Perfect for WH’s
5k unallocated SP.
+3 implants in head
Neural remap available + 2 bonus remaps, currently specced into memory + perfection

All CCP Rules apply.

    1. Character is in accessible Highsec (Jita).
    1. I will pay for transfer.
    1. Positive wallet.
    1. No kill rights.
    1. Character is in NPC corp.

Min 100m bidding increments please.
Start bid 6B.
Buyout 9B.

Create a link pleas!

I found it for you! EveSkillboard - Leshak Sleepless

6b isk ready

hi, ty but i couldnt, the forum site would let me post it on the thread, sorr y

6b noted, ill give it a day or two and then sell it, if no one else comes, 6b it is ! :slight_smile:

Offer withdrawn

No problem. Anyone wanna give 7b ? 7b will be buyout then

could u show skillbroad?

Read the comments it’s in there

4.5b offer

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